Director Background

Con Walsh has a background in Agricultural Engineering and Design, having studied Engineering in both IT Tralee and Harper Adams University in the UK and, more recently, Architecture in IT Waterford. He also undertook the Post Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise, offered at the Innovation Academy in UCD earlier this year.

Con’s formative working life was in the Agricultural Machinery sector in Ireland where he was involved in designing machines and Animal Systems for the home and export markets. Through most of his time in this industry he spent in the Research and Development area, refining existing products and developing new ones as the market changed.

More recently he has been involved in product design and energy saving systems especially Solar Photo Voltaic. He believes that efficiency is the key to any industry and the principles of LEAN Enterprise which focuses on maximum customer satisfaction with minimum waste.

About Photo-voltaic Energy

It is widely held in the Energy Community that Ireland has very efficient sunlight and is a in a prime position to harness it. We share common latitude with much of the UK, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, all of which have huge national solar policies. It’s not about glorious sunshine all year around, its about ambient sunlight that allows us to see in the daytime, such is the efficiency of the modern Photo Voltaic Cell.

Modern Solar PV Cells are very efficient, couple this with advances in storage solutions and what you have is the most efficient way to utilise the resources which surround us. Use the national grid off peak to charge the storage solution (Battery) and power the building, use the solar panels and the storage solution during peak times to power the building and save on energy bills or at peak solar efficiency, use the solar panels to power the building.

Private residences do not require occupants to apply for planning permission to put solar panels on the roof, but the system does need to be designed, for maximum efficiency.

Public buildings and factories need to apply for planning permission to put solar panels on the roofs then the system can be designed for maximum efficiency.

Ground mounted solar panels require planning permission before they can be erected.